Hello and welcome to my blog!  My name is Erin, which is where the Mom “E” Blog came from. I am a mother to my 3 amazing children Mikayla, Dakota and Gavin, a wife to my wonderful husband Michael, and a blogger on family and health.

I have been a stay at home mom for 15 years, and I have had a big turn around in my life when it comes to healthy living this year.  Shortly after I had my first daughter Mikayla my weight began to become an issue.  I gained 20 pounds with my pregnancy, and when we got home from the hospital my jeans fit perfectly with no pregnancy weight left behind.  Awesome!!  However, staying home with a newborn slowed my activity level down quite a bit and I began to gain a few pounds here and there.  After I had my second daughter Dakota, I really began to put on weight.  By the time Dakota was 2, I was at my highest weight ever, 231 and had to buy myself a size 20 in jeans so i could breathe when i sat down.

That was it!  I knew it was time to do something.  I signed up for a local women’s boot camp class.  It began at 5:00 in the morning 3 days a week.  I worked my butt off, literally!  After about 4 months of this class and eating healthy, I lost 40 pounds and was back down to a size 14.  I felt so great!

I stopped the class when we moved and shortly after i had my son Gavin.  Since then, my weight has been up and down, new workouts, more gym memberships, more junk food, more smoking, and more crying at the number on the scale.  Once again, the scale tipped to my all time highest at 235.

This was it!!  I had to quit smoking and I had to get healthy for myself and for my family.  I quit smoking without looking back, and I signed up for a 6 week challenge class to meet a weight loss goal.  I knew that reaching my goal would feel so incredible, however what I didn’t know, was that those 6 six weeks would create an even greater accomplishment.  My family’s overall health has been changed greatly, and so begins my blog about family and health.